About us

Straits Dog doggy daycare boarding resort hotel offers a broad range of services to pamper your pet. Our facility includes personal touches that will make them feel like the prince or princess they are! You can also choose to spoil your pet by including them in group or private play, or have them pampered in our grooming salon. Our responsibility to your pet begins before they enter our facility. It is critical that we gather all the necessary information to best care for your pet. The intake process is thorough, efficient, and will give you the perfect opportunity to let us know what Junior requires to ensure that his stay is pleasant! Once your pride and joy enters our facility, rest assured knowing that pet-passionate individuals will be watching over them with the utmost sensitivity, attention to detail, and fed with the healthiest dog`s retail food in Singapore. Straits Dog boarding resort hotel is constantly seeking feedback so we can continually grow and better serve the needs of our paws darlings better! 

Mocha is delighted to be at straits dogs boarding and always smile when going for day care

Grace, Mocha's owner


Straits Dog offer excellent service and attentive to Apollo needs 

Sarah, Apollo's owner